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Babes in the Woods - the panto!

Nov/Dec 2023

Director: Claire Streets

Writer:  Roger D. Buist

The Sheriff of Nottingham has been guardian to youngsters Colin and Claire after their father vanished during the crusades. But that evil Sheriff wants the ‘babe’s’ inheritance and has hatched a dastardly plan.

Will his evil sidekicks Sir Marks and Sir Spencer do his bidding? Or will Robin Hood save the day, with the help of, hot stuff, Ivy Fire, villagers Teeny Bopper and Willie Waitaminute…and of course, Maid Marion?! Who are those mysterious magical characters and the question everyone wants an answer to - do we still have a bar and icecreams at shows? Oh yes we do!!!!

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Stay Tuned for announcements!


Catch of the Day

Director: Shelagh Phillips-Robertson

MAD have been very busy over the last few months and, as of Friday 30 July 2021, you can get the first serving from the fruits of our dramatic labours!

For 9 evenings a new video will pop up on the Monifieth Theatre Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Each episode has been written and performed by MAD members. What is Catch of the Day? #datingapp #firstdates #datingmemories

It's a date!

This production is free to view, but if you would like to donate to Monifieth Theatre it would be very much appreciated.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Play

MAD presents the Radio Play, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (part 1, or ‘Fit the First’) by Douglas Adams.

Listen here -

In the first few weeks of lockdown back in April, MAD decided to try our hand at a radio play. Through the next few months some members met virtually to rehearse this production. The experience not only allowed us a creative outlet, a social connection with a familiar process and ‘something to do’ but it also was a huge learning process for everyone.

The cast not only produced all the character voices, they also created as many of the sound effects as possible using anything they could find! All the ‘music’ was also created by members. We learned the best ways of gathering individual ‘voices’, and were able to involve those not able to join the virtual rehearsals. Each voice or effect was collected individually and edited together - another skill we had to learn!

So please when you listen, understand that the creation of this production is our first attempt at this type of production. We are still editing ‘Fit the Second’ which should be completed by the end of October. We hope you enjoy listening even half as much as we have enjoyed making this.

This has been a ‘not-for-profit’ production.

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